About Marina

I improve websites, create visual assets, and refine brands. My past career in marketing often supports my work as a designer. And bonus: I can code.

Personal Mission

I strive to make the greatest impact possible

I believe that being alive is nothing short of a miracle. I'm here to make the most of it.

Forever Learning

I binge on info and education the way most of us binge Netflix.

Having found a career that I absolutely love—as a hands-on creative and individual contributor—I'm now on a mission to widen and deepen my skill set to focus on just getting really f*cking good at my job!

Cat Lady for Life

Born a cat person, I now live with this cross-eyed fuzzball who loves joining my Zoom calls.

Paying It Forward

Beyond grateful to have found a career I love, I take every opportunity to help others do the same.

Shaped by Travel

Having experienced many countries with locals, I've learned about cultures, including my own.

Marina is hands down a one-woman show! We can’t thank her enough for her positivity, knowledge, and hard work.

Heather Gonio
Senior Marketing Manager
Versium Analytics

In the end, our expectations were exceeded at every turn, and Marina made the process fun and engaging!

Jack Newman

Marina often came up with ideas for how to improve something and is quite proactive in her thinking. I highly recommend her.

Janet Levin
Senior Director of Sales & Distribution
North Atlantic Books

The backend of our website is much easier to use now and we’ve had 300 new newsletter subscribers in less than a month!

Zoe Lambert
Marketing Manager
Lazarus Naturals

I consider myself lucky to be doing what I truly love.

Let's create something great together.

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Case Studies

My Most Recent Projects

I've written case studies about the work I've been doing lately. If you'd like to see more of my work or discuss these in further detail, please get in touch.
Brand Refinement
Website Redesign
Full Rebrand
Website Redesign