About Me

As a creative professional, problem solver, and advocate for several causes, I help good brands make a greater impact through visual design.

WEconnect's Employee of the Month

Elected April 2020 & June 2020

Honorable mention, September 2020

Each month, WEconnect asks staff to nominate someone who's been displaying the company's core values.

The person with the most nominations is elected that month's "Appreciation Winner" and praised at our all-company meeting.

I was honored to have received this award once and humbled to have received it a second time as I've only ever seen this happen one other time.
Personal Statement

I enjoy few activities more than getting lost in creative work.

I've designed my life around doing what I love. At the center of this wonderful way of existing is a career focused on my strengths:

creative problem solving • organizing complex information • elevating visual aesthetics

My Specialty

responsive web design

While I'm best at creating impactful websites, I also enjoy the variety of working across print and digital.

My Experience

Freelance + in-house

In 2015, I began freelancing as a web designer. Then in 2018, I accepted my first in-house design position.

My Homebase

Seattle, working remote

Originally from the SF Bay Area, I now live in Seattle where I appreciate that I can work from home.

Marina is hands down a one-woman show! We can’t thank her enough for her positivity, knowledge, and hard work.

Heather Gonio
Senior Marketing Manager
Versium Analytics

In the end, our expectations were exceeded at every turn, and Marina made the process fun and engaging!

Jack Newman

Marina often came up with ideas for how to improve something and is quite proactive in her thinking. I highly recommend her.

Janet Levin
Senior Director of Sales & Distribution
North Atlantic Books

The backend of our website is much easier to use now and we’ve had 300 new newsletter subscribers in less than a month!

Zoe Lambert
Marketing Manager
Lazarus Naturals

I consider myself lucky to be doing what I truly love.

Let's create something great together.

Download Resume
Download Resume

Forever Learner

I binge information and educational resources the same way most of us binge Netflix.

Ethical Consumer

I believe that every time we spend money, we're making a statement about what we value.

Advisor & Mentor

Beyond grateful to have found a career I love, I take every opportunity to help others do the same.

Mission & Values

Making the Greatest Impact I Can

With each action and decision, we're co-creating the world around us. I do my best to be intentional and courageous in my contributions, to consistently live by the values below (and surround myself with others who do the same), and to use my mission of making the greatest impact I can as my guide.
Empower Others Often

I believe that "a rising tide lifts all boats" so I do my best to lift others up and praise great work whenever possible.

Always Consider the Impact

No action happens in a vacuum. I make a point to consider the ripple effect of my personal and professional choices.

Seek Transparent Leaders

Transparency often indicates integrity and trust—and I believe cultures based on these are built from the top down.

Optimize for Joy in Daily Life

Because happiness makes us better in all aspects of our lives, and it's so fun to share it with those around you!

Discover by Doing

I can consider my decisions for hours (and at times, I do) but in order to really know, I've learned to take action.

Make Sh*t Happen

What good is this wonderful life I've had the privilege of creating if I don't use it to make the greatest impact I can?

Case Studies

In-House Marketing Design Work

I've written case studies about the work I've done in my 9-to-5 roles. If you'd like to see any of my other work or discuss these projects in further detail, please get in touch.
Website Redesign
Brand Refinement
Website Redesign
Full Rebrand