About Marina

I’m a marketing designer focused on improving websites and elevating brands. I also leverage skills from my previous career in online marketing to create work that inspires audiences to convert.

“Marina is an amazingly collaborative team member, jumping in every meeting she can to learn more about the product and company vision.”

Heather Gonio
Senior Marketing Manager
Versium Analytics

“In the end, our expectations were exceeded at every turn, and Marina made the process fun and engaging!”

Jack Newman

“Marina often came up with ideas for how to improve something and is quite proactive in her thinking. I highly recommend her.”

Janet Levin
Senior Director of Sales & Distribution
North Atlantic Books

“The backend of our website is much easier to use now and we’ve had 300 new newsletter subscribers in less than a month!”

Zoe Lambert
Marketing Manager
Lazarus Naturals

I consider myself lucky to be doing what I truly love.

Let's create something great together.

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Marina Snyder, designer, resume
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My Design Process

Curious how I approach design challenges? Let's break down the typical process I follow, inspired by the 5 (cyclical) stages of design thinking.
Step 1
Gather information
It's important for me to understand the space that I'm working in. To get my bearings, I may conduct audience interviews, study competitors, and/or create personas.
Step 2
Define what’s needed
Before diving into design, it's important to understand the root of the problem I'm solving, why (and how much) it matters, and what we're hoping to accomplish.
Step 3
Brainstorm solutions
Next, I'll move onto the ideation and rough draft stage. This could include things like hand-drawn sketches, sitemaps, wireframes, and/or low-fidelity prototypes.
Step 4
Design and build
I love collaborating throughout this part of the process! I check-in often while I work to make sure that I stay on track to building the best solution.
Step 5
Analyze and refine
Every opportunity to gather feedback is an opportunity to get better. I'm always happy to track data/analytics or test usability to continually improve my contributions.
Case Studies

Browse Recent Projects

I've written a few case studies about the work I've been doing lately. If you'd like to see more of my work or discuss these in further detail, please get in touch.
Brand Refinement
Website Redesign
Full Rebrand
Website Redesign