How My Friends See Me as Told By

Katie Noble

Deep and thoughtful, someone who skips over small talk—in the best way.

How would you describe me?

Deep and thoughtful, someone who skips over small talk—in the best way—and just dives into a real conversation. Very driven and hard-working. Sometimes works too hard. :)

What are my strengths?

Wonderful communication skills—not only the ability to handle hard conversations around conflict resolution or negotiating a raise, but also talking to people from different walks of life and creating a welcoming environment to learn from each other. Creative, diligent, thorough, great taste—when working on any type of project, thinking of a tattoo design, dressing up for a brand new roommate's themed birthday party, etc. Disciplined.

What topics would you ask my advice about?

Wow, so many things! It could be how to reduce my negative impact on the environment, or a favorite vegan meal to make for a crowd. I feel very comfortable being vulnerable with you and asking for help navigating challenges in my life, or talking through deep, inner thoughts that I'm embarrassed to let other people hear.

I'm also going to create a short list of fun things I would absolutely reach out to you for help with :D

  • Fixing up/decorating a house
  • Many things tech related, but specifically websites
  • Best vegan splurge meal in Seattle
  • Must-visit places, restaurants, etc. in SF, New Orleans, Amsterdam, and anywhere else
  • Meeting up while abroad
Katie Noble
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