Branding Refresh

In 2018, I designed the calendar that I wanted but couldn’t find and started sharing it. After a while, I ended up with an Etsy shop that sold multiple calendars... and needed a brand refresh.

branding • print • digital

ROLE: designer • shop owner

RESULT: better products and opportunities

The Goal

Brand to Blend with Art Styles

While I wanted the brand to maintain its distinct look and feel, I was working to revise its components so they wouldn‘t clash with the different art added to each calendar.

Fine-Tuning the Visual Identity

I opted for neutral colors and earth tones along with strong yet unobtrusive letterforms for a minimal and polished look that wouldn‘t overwhelm the calendar art.

Color Palettes
Calendar palette: high contrast for better results when printed
Aa Aa
Collateral palette: muted backgrounds to help the calendars *pop*
Updated Typography
Interstate: primary typeface
Cambon: collateral headers & accents

New Name & Logo

I changed the shop name from Astrology Calendars Co. to Zodiac Ink to leave the door open to maybe sell items other than calendars in the future while also striking a tone that felt more in-line with the brand.

The Updated Brand Stylesheet

To ensure the revised elements combined well with the existing vibe, I used imagery from previous calendar iterations as part of the new stylesheet.

Before & After the Brand Refresh

This side- by-side comparison shows changes to the typography, symbols, and name/logo.

Above is the original version of a product image.
Here is the same product image with the updated branding.

Components Working Across Art Styles

The simplified symbols work more seamlessly across the shop’s varied calendars.

Photography Style for Product Mockups

I selected photo mockups to mirror the Scandinavian aesthetic of the calendars they display.

The Zodiac Ink Etsy Shop

All the elements come together in the shop itself.

The Result

Better Products & Opportunities

In the end, the brand refresh not only improved the calendars and their marketing, but the new name has opened doors for what‘s possible for the shop in the future.