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Jack Newman

In the end, our expectations were exceeded at every turn, and Marina made the process fun and engaging!

Marina is an expert creative solutions-provider for web design, development, marketing and graphic design. Her approach to design and development of our new website included a creative approach to enhance user experience, which really informed our goals and the functions we settled on for the site. Marina also developed sample user profiles, based on our current customers and community, to help inform how people will use our services and what can be added to improve their interaction with our platform.

Her commitment to active listening, coupled with responsiveness to our needs based on the options she provided, helped us learn new and innovative ways to expand our web presence, while preparing us to manage the new platform now and into the future. In the end, our expectations were exceeded at every turn, and she made the process fun and engaging! We absolutely recommend Marina for your next web / design / development / creative project and look forward to collaborating again in the near future.

Jack Newman
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