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Website Redesign
Full Rebrand

Rebranding for a new target audience

Versium Analytics

ROLE: Brand Designer & Web Developer

With an upcoming product launch, Versium needed a brand refresh and a more approachable website to appeal to its new target audience.

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Project Goals

Market Versium’s latest product to a new target audience

  • Invoke a friendlier, more approachable tone as Versium shifts from custom solutions to self-serve products
  • Communicate complex ideas—such as data science and artificial intelligence—simply
  • Work quickly to coincide with the launch of the company's new product, Versium REACH
Background & Context

Why rebrand Versium and redesign the website?

As a late-stage data technology startup, Versium was ready to take what it had learned over 6 years and many projects, and create an easily accessible product for B2B marketers.

However, there was one major roadblock between the company and a successful product launch:

Versium's existing marketing website spoke in a technical way to a technical audience and required the sales team to flesh out details on a case-by-case basis.

After identifying who would benefit the most from Versium REACH—Versium's upcoming self-serve product—through research and a couple of personas, we set out to make our content and branding more digestible and appealing to this new audience. We also aimed to answer common questions to streamline the sales process.

Rebranding Highlights

Key brand deliverables

Refreshing the color palette, typography, and logo set the foundation for establishing a more approachable tone, which was further achieved through friendly copy and simple, illustrated infographics.

updated color palette

By reinventing Versium's color palette with shades like coral, we gave the brand a fresh, contemporary feel.

refreshed typography

We introduced the open and inviting Montserrat and paired it with italicized Merriweather for its classic charm.

brand new logo

Working with Versium's Senior Marketing Manager and an independent designer, I helped ensure our new logo's adaptability.

Information Architecture

Structuring the site

To highlight Versium's latest product on the website, new pages would need to be created and organized while existing content would need to be rearranged. I lead these efforts by designing and iterating on site maps, which I translated into header and footer navigation mockups for ease of cross-department communication.

The End Result

A product-centric site

In the end, Versium's new website met its goals of highlighting Versium REACH, its latest product, as well as adapting a more approachable tone for its new target audience. The updated branding also kept the company current in a fast-paced industry.

hospital executives
Project Results

A huge increase in website conversions

  • The visitor conversion rate increased from 0.65% to 11.1%, a 1614% improvement, compared to the previous year
  • This led to a 5402% increase in total website form submissions year-over-year
  • Designed and developed the new marketing website from scratch in under 3 months to launch on the same day as the new product
Key Takeaways

What I learned in the process

In addition to learning how to use Webflow and Hupspot during my time with Versium, I also gained a few helpful takeways:

pre-launch checklist

In the haste of launching the site alongside the new product, some of the site's SEO metadata hadn't been transferred over. It was an easy fix but taught me to always use a checklist!

understanding stakeholders

A member of the leadership team was not brought into the website redesign process. They later expressed strong opinions and requested major changes. I've since been sure to identify and work with all potential stakeholders.

outside designer collabortion

Versium's new logo was the first project where I helped direct an outside designer. It taught me how to better provide feedback and help guide the process as a collaborator.

Marina is hands down a one-woman show! We can’t thank her enough for her positivity, knowledge, and hard work.

Marina is hands down a one-woman show! Marina reported to me at a rapidly growing data technology startup where she functioned as our web designer, web developer, and graphic designer. Marina worked so hard designing and developing our new corporate website. She learned to use a completely new web design tool to achieve the detailed look and functionality we wanted for the new site.

Marina is an amazingly collaborative team member, jumping in every meeting she can to learn more about the product and company vision. We tasked Marina to build a product-centric website with an impeccable UX that was responsive across all devices and browsers, and she did an amazing job. As a team, we developed infographics, copy, and page elements. Marina’s marketing background also allowed her to help with copy and see the website from a marketer’s point of view. She was also forced to jump in at the last minute (without a single complaint) to manually build pages when a vendor suddenly pulled out of migrating the site and providing us a CMS…a week and a half before launch!

We can’t thank her enough for her positivity, knowledge, and hard work. I would highly recommend working with Marina.

Heather Gonio
Senior Marketing Manager
Versium Analytics