Brand Tools for Growth

As the AllStripes team more than doubled in size during my first year, I worked to get brand tools and systems in place that would support the company's continued growth.

SCOPE: brand refinement • templates • website

ROLE: designer • developer

RESULT: increased efficiency & brand consistency

The Goal

Empower Teams to Stay on Brand

With the company size—as well as its needs and outputs—increasing across teams, it was critical to find ways to streamline processes while increasing brand consistency.

Updated Brand Guide

I developed an updated brand guide for internal and external use, reflecting the evolution of the AllStripes aesthetic and allowing teams quick access to elements such as color HEX codes.

Colors for Accessibility & Data Visualization

In expanding the color palette, darker tints were added, creating enough contrast to pair them with text for uses like UI buttons. Two new hues were also introduced for use in more complex data visualizations.

Initial Brand Palette
Aa Aa
Additional Colors
Aa Aa
Aa Aa

Switching to Google Fonts

To enable AllStripes employees to use brand typefaces more readily and consistently, I helped the company select Google Fonts that were the nearest equivalents to replace the previous type pair.

Google Suite Templates

By creating branded templates in Google Suite, team members were empowered to create and edit their own materials, streamlining various processes.

Two slides from the master deck template

Research poster template

Social media graphic for recruiting new research participants

Business cards front and back

Mapping an Expandable Website

In planning a full redesign of the marketing website, the scalability of the site structure was a top priority. The redesign itself tripled the static page count and almost quadrupled the number of content databases.

Deciding on a Tool to Reduce Dependencies

I helped research and lead discussions about how to build a marketing website that would no longer require the engineering team to implement updates, such as publishing blog posts.

After we decided on Webflow, I built out the full site within a couple of months. Since launch, the marketing team has been able to make all updates to the site independently.

Finished Web Pages

The visual design of the site showcases the evolution of the brand—balancing warmth and approachability with a refinement that inspires trust, all while spotlighting the true heroes: patients and caregivers.

A More Polished First Impression

The redesigned website reflects AllStripes' maturation, helping the company to put its best foot forward.

The Result

Efficiency & Brand Consistency

The evolution of the AllStripes brand, easier-to-update website, and ever growing library of templates in Google Suite have empowered teams across AllStripes to work more independently, getting more done, while also increasing brand consistency.