Scalable Site

With multiple audiences and a rapidly growing roster of rare disease research programs, the AllStripes marketing website needed to be redesigned to support the company’s growth.

SCOPE: website redesign • Webflow build

ROLE: designer • developer • project lead

RESULT: 30% increase in new users (YoY)

The Goal

A Site to Grow with the Company

In planning a full redesign of the marketing website, scalability was the top priority. Not only did the site structure need to allow for growth, but the system for publishing new content needed to be streamlined (removing engineering dependency).

Gathering Input & Ideas

Before pushing any pixels, I met with the key stakeholders to learn the top priorities for the website redesign. I also lead a workshop to gather input from the larger team.

Mapping an Expandable Website

In addition to needing to leave room for growth, the redesign itself tripled the static page count and almost quadrupled the number of content databases.

Feedback on my proposed site map was collected in Miro (shown above).
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Driving Two Key Cross-Departmental Decisions

Before the redesign, the marketing site and AllStripes‘ software product existed as one combined website. The engineering team needed to implement all updates, such as publishing blog posts, which had to be timed with their two-week sprint cycle.

Working closely with the PDE team (product, design & engineering) I lead discussions to determine:

  1. whether it was the right time to split the marketing website from the product, and
  2. if split, how to build the marketing website in a way that would reduce or eliminate PDE dependencies.

Ultimately, we decided to split the websites. I researched and presented different platforms, comparing them in a number of categories and highlighting tradeoffs. I recommended Webflow as our best option and the team agreed.

Getting the Content into a Scalable System

I worked with the engineering team to set up an API that automatically syncs key information between the marketing website and the now separate product database. Meanwhile, I collaborated with the marketing team to finalize page content and create a content management system that would streamline publishing.

The Finished Web Pages

In establishing the visual design of the site, I did my best to balance a sense of warmth and approachability with a refinement that would inspire trust, all while spotlighting the true heroes: patients and caregivers.

Marina made the top goal of launching the new site and relieving PDE burden possible. It simply would not have happened without her and her special blend of skills.

feedback from a key marketing team collaborator
AllStripes Research

A More Polished First Impression

The Result

30% Increase in New Users

Not only did the marketing website become more scalable and eliminate PDE dependency, it also saw a 30% increase in account signups (year over year).