Scalable Website

With multiple audiences and a rapidly growing roster of rare disease research programs, the AllStripes marketing website needed to be redesigned to support the company’s growth.

site redesign • Webflow build

ROLE: project lead • designer • developer

TEAMS: marketing • product • design • engineering

RESULT: rapid site updates, improved productivity

The Goal

Site to Scale Along with Company

In planning a full redesign of the marketing website, scalability was the top priority. Not only did the site structure need to allow for growth, but the system for publishing new content needed to be streamlined (removing engineering dependency).

Gathering Input & Ideas

Before pushing any pixels, I met with the key stakeholders to learn the top priorities for the website redesign. I also lead a workshop to gather input from the larger team.

Mapping an Expandable Website

In building a site that could accommodate rapid growth, the redesign itself tripled the static page count and almost quadrupled the number of content databases. In the early stages of the process I mapped out the architecture I was proposing for this expansion and worked to align all stakeholders.

Feedback on my proposed site map was collected in Miro (shown above).
Scroll horizontally for full view.

Splitting the Site & App

I drove a cross-departmental team in determining if and how to split the marketing site from the web app. We decided to move forward with the division and build in Webflow.

Comparison of website platform options.

Adding Colors for Better Accessibility

Turning to the more visual aspect of the redesign, we needed to add darker tints to create enough contrast to pair them with text on buttons. We also added two new colors for data visualization.

Initial Brand Palette
Aa Aa
Additional Colors
Aa Aa
Aa Aa

Building the Site in Under Two Months

With our end-of-year launch goal being moved up a month to accommodate the holiday slowdown, the marketing team and I embarked on building out the full website in just under two months — and made it happen! In addition to designing the website, I also built it out myself in Webflow.

Streamlining Content Management

I worked with the engineering team to set up an API that automatically syncs key information between the marketing website and the now separate product database. Meanwhile, I collaborated with the marketing team to finalize page content and create a system that would streamline publishing.

Improving Discoverability

Increasing the amount of content on the site, we couldn‘t overlook the need to make that content easier to find. I established taxonomies across the website, cross-referenced databases throughout, and added search functionality.

The Finished Web Pages

In establishing the visual design of the site, I balanced a sense of warmth and approachability with a level of refinement to inspire trust, all while spotlighting the true heroes: patients and caregivers.

Growth After Launch

After launching the site, I continued working with the marketing team to create new web pages, sprinkling in fun details when possible, like this little header animation.

Accessibility Audit & Ongoing Updates

Keeping AllStripes’ specific audience in mind, I proposed an accessibility audit of the website. I worked with the legal and engineering teams to source lists of the required changes, which I implemented over time.

The AllStripes website redesign, which Marina drove solo in so many aspects, was the smoothest and best executed CMS migration I’ve seen in my tech career.

Jon Oropeza, Senior Director of Engineering
AllStripes Research

Scalable Site Structure & Polished Aesthetic

The content of the marketing website was able to expand easily both during and after the redesign. The intuitive architecture and also helped give the site a clean, modern feel.

The Result

Rapid Website Updates, Greater Focus & Productivity Across Org

In addition to making the site scalable, we were able to remove dependencies. The time needed for marketing to update the site decreased from weeks to hours or minutes, also saving significant time for product, design, and engineering.