Forma Health

Timeline: Mar 2024 – June 2024

Symptom Tracking & Research Data

Forma Health provides people with chronic conditions and their caregivers a mobile app to track symptoms. Data collected helps physicians improve care and researchers develop treatments.

Rebrand & Website Redesign

Initially hired for a website redesign, I recommended to Forma Health that we start the project by considering and refining the company’s visual identity, which resulted in a rebrand.

Freelance Designer & Developer

As a freelance brand designer and Webflow developer, I was able to contribute an outside perspective. In addition to my work on the brand and website, I provided guidance on content and marketing.

Collaborating with the CEO

From project kick-off to launch, I worked directly with founder and CEO, Germán Scipioni. I also presented my work and received feedback from company advisors and other members of the leadership team.

Brand Redesign

Role: freelance designer, project manager
Project Goal

a visual language that speaks to each audience

Why Update the Brand?

As an early-stage startup, Forma Health was still shaping its identity. We worked together to refine its visual language in a way that was dynamic enough to appeal to the company’s multiple target audiences.

simplified user personas

Understanding the Key audiences


Finding a Versatile & functional font pair

Staying within Google Fonts, I identified new typefaces to more accurately fit the brand characteristics — most notably switching the display font from a tech-centric option to a more traditional serif that better conveys dependability and a human touch.

Previous  Sora & Helvetica Neue
Updated  STIX Two Text & Mulish
Brand colors

Refining the Color palette to work across audiences

Similar & Different

We decided to honor elements of Forma Health’s original color palette while also maturing it to better appeal to B2B audiences and keeping the colors bright enough to still work in D2C marketing.

Previous colors
updated colors
Cohesion & versatility

Adapting visual patterns per audience

Forma Health rebrand
Logo updates

Unifying Brand & logo

To improve brand cohesion, we switched the fonts in the logo from Open Sans to Mulish — the new main typeface, chosen for its accessibility and clean aesthetic.

Brand Patterns

Data as Inspiration

The importance of patterns in medical data became clear from reading the website content. So when designing the brand patterns, I used data graphs as my starting point.

Website Redesign

Role: freelance designer, Webflow developer, content consultant
Project Goal

Gain the trust of potential partners, users & investors

Why Update the website?

While the goal of conveying trustworthiness was primarily executed in the rebranding phase, we still needed to apply that in building a new site — one that was intuitive to navigate and easy to understand.


organizing the site content by audience

Pulling it all together

Applying the new branding while creating site content

Clear navigation

Guiding each audience to the page for them

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