DTC Campaigns

WEconnect supports people recovering from substance use disorder through a mobile app and online meetings. As the primary marketing team member during my time there, I led a number of digital and print campaigns.

strategy • digital • print

ROLE: designer • developer • marketing strategist

TEAM: Terra Durio, Content Strategist

RESULT: website sessions more than tripled (up by 229%)

The Goal

Increase Brand Awareness

As a growing startup in the highly regulated substance use recovery industry, WEconnect had to get creative in order to get the attention of their audience.

Social Media for Meetings

When COVID-19 shut down in-person support groups, WEconnect began offering free online recovery meetings. I created graphics that WEconnect and its partners shared, expanding their initial reach.

Email Updates

I also set up an email list for anyone interested in staying informed of updates to the meeting schedule. Below are a couple of examples of emails I've designed, recycling the social media graphics.

Marina stood up our online meetings quickly and enthusiastically... In just a few weeks, over 10,000 people have joined and this company-defining achievement could not have happened without her hard work.

feedback submitted with anonymous employee-of-the-month nominations
April 2020, WEconnect Health Management

Blog Posts for People in Recovery

In addition to meetings, building and launching the company blog created a platform where our team could write articles intended to support the recovery community.

Social Media for the Blog

In-Clinic Brochures

To help clinic staff let their members know about WEconnect, I designed a number of brochures that helped them walk through the main talking points and get people onboarded.

Standard Letters

HIPAA regulations make physical mail a preferred outreach channel. We created a standard letter to be sent out, though soon realized we‘d need to do more to get people‘s attention.

Ticket Letter Insert

In an effort to make the mail more memorable and actionable, I designed these “tickets” with instructions and the unique codes each member would need to get started in the app. I hoped people would feel the thicker card stock through the envelope and be more interested the letters.

An Idea to Improve Open Rates

In reaching out to potential members through other channels, our team discovered that many had discarded the letter assuming it was just a bill from their healthcare company. We went into problem solving mode and came up with an idea to boost open rates: envelopes that would stand out.

Greeting Card Options

I suggested that we create greeting cards since the envelopes are a different size and it could be done in a way that's both professional and heart-felt. I presented the team with several options.

The Selected Version

In the end, this is the one WEconnect chose.

Greeting Card Insert

To provide additional information with the card, I also suggested creating an insert. This two-sided Z-fold mini brochure includes everything someone would need to get started on the app in a concise format.

Digital Ads for the App

Additionally, I created a handful of digital ads to help drive traffic to the website.

The Result

Site Traffic More Than Tripled

During these campaigns, site sessions increased by 229% (year over year). With this work, the company also established new digital and offline outreach channels.