Brochures and Mailers

After securing partnerships, WEconnect must get the attention of people newly eligible and get them on board—either by reaching out to the partner's patients directly or by providing marketing materials to treatment centers in the partner's network.

SCOPE: print design • creative problem solving

ROLE: designer • marketing strategist

RESULT: HIPAA-compliant signups

The Goal

Capture the Attention of Patients

As with any marketing material, standing out amid the noise can be challenging. Add the many legal restrictions around communication in healthcare (and in particular in discussing substance use disorder), and creative solutions are often required.

Overview Brochure

WEconnect's overview brochure, with a focus on the mobile app, serves as a versatile tool. It educates both potential members as well as the clinicians who hand it out and discuss its contents with their patients.

Marina is always open to discussion and edits... Her input and flexibility are very much appreciated, and she’s an overall great person to work with.

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June 2020, WEconnect Health Management

Peers Brochure

Since some of WEconnect's partners offer peer services (optional one-on-one support available to members) and others do not, I created a separate brochure to hand out when appropriate.

Ticket Letter Insert

Needing to directly contact and onboard its largest cohort yet, WEconnect was sending out cobranded letters. In an effort to make the mail more memorable and actionable, I designed these "tickets" with instructions and the unique codes each member would need to get started in the app.

An Idea to Improve Open Rates

In reaching out to potential members through other channels, our team discovered that many had discarded the letter assuming it was just a bill from their healthcare company. We went into problem solving mode and came up with an idea to boost open rates: mail/envelopes that would stand out.

Greeting Card Options

I suggested that we create greeting cards since the envelopes are a different size and it could be done in a way that's both professional and heart-felt. I presented the team with several options.

The Selected Version

In the end, this is the one WEconnect chose.

Greeting Card Insert

To provide additional information with the card, I also suggested creating an insert. This two-sided Z-fold mini brochure includes everything someone would need to get started on the app. (And it's cute!)

The Result

HIPAA-Compliant Signups

Working within the legal limitations of marketing an app for substance recovery via a major healthcare provider, we were able to reach and onboard newly eligible patients.