Website Redesign

As WEconnect began working towards partnerships with major healthcare companies, its website needed to better appeal to an audience of executives while still speaking to potential members.

SCOPE: redesign • Webflow build • ongoing updates

ROLE: designer • developer • project manager

RESULT: 428% more website form submissions

The Goal

One Website for Two Audiences

While most websites end up serving multiple audiences, WEconnect had to very distinct groups of people they wanted to speak to directly from the start:

Healthcare Executives

Primary Focus: Potential Partners
WEconnect was working towards partnering with large healthcare companies and needed a website that spoke to executives.

People with Addictions

Secondary Focus: Potential members
The WEconnect website would also need to continue to appeal to its members: people in recovery from drug and alcohol misuse.

Content Hierarchy & Aesthetic

Working closely with my colleagues, I determined the most important functions of the website as well as how to prioritize each audience and built a sitemap based on that. I also learned the desired aesthetic.

Using Design Patterns from the App

Since WEconnect had redesigned its mobile app not long before I joined, I made a point to pull elements from the new design system for the website. I focused on polishing the look and feel rather than rebranding.

I pulled both the curved header and the gold-to-plum gradient from the app's main screen.

I also integrated a shape WEconnectors call the "squircle" throughout the website.

Initial Wireframes

Building Out the Site

As a designer/developer, I was responsible not only for redesigning WEconnect's website but also bringing it to life. I made sure to get approval from the appropriate parties to use my preferred tool (Webflow) then got to work.

The New Homepage

Pages for the Two Key Audiences

Lest we forget the audiences at the heart of this project. These are the main pages for each of them.

Marina’s direct impact to WEconnect has been powerful and clear. The website looks phenomenal, and takes our company to another level.

feedback received from a C-level executive
WEconnect Health Management

Launching the Blog

I worked together closely with WEconnect's content strategist to get the company blog up and running, with content for both of our main audiences.

Ongoing Improvements

The beauty of websites is that they're living, breathing designs that always have room to grow. Here's one of many examples of improvements I've made since the initial site launch.

The initial contact page was admittedly rather plain.

The new contact page speaks to WEconnect's different audiences.

Continually Expanding the Site

As WEconnect's offerings have expanded, I've been building out the website with new pages that should appeal to both healthcare executives and people in recovery from substances.

The Result

428% More Form Submissions

In a year-over-year comparison, the redesigned website saw a 428% increase in website form submissions (likely thanks to having more targeted content and forms) and a 109% increase in average session duration.